Street Tap

Street Tap dance classMusical productions and movies in the late 1990’s like Stomp and the Tap Dogs gave traditional tap dance a modern-day revamp. Street Tap is a hybrid of tap dance techniques and urban hip hop. The result is a funky, raw style of tap dance that’s vibrant and entertaining. This class incorporates turns, slides, percussion and clear, hard hitting tap beats. Dances are choreographed to the latest tracks, and sometimes can be performed a cappella (without music). Street Tap is a great mix of technical tapping (which develops musical coordination) with freestyle hip hop that’s an awesome form of expression.

Class age groups

  • Intro to Street Tap – 5 to 7 years
  • Level 1 Street Tap – 8 to 10 years

What to wear

Any style tap shoes, and non-restrictive comfortable clothing. There are a few spare tap shoes at the studio which can be hired if needed. Let us know if you’d like to hire shoes when you register for this class.


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