Introducing Circus & Street Jazz Classes in Term 2!

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20150329DT_212v1 copyCircus – Tumble, Flip, and Split! This class is a fun and way to dabble in the colourful world of the circus arts. Students will be guided through techniques to build strength, balance, and flexibility using hula hoops, ribbons, and balls. Tumbling and flipping, juggling, fun games and activities, make this StreetTread class more entertaining that a mini full of clowns. No giant squeaky shoes or red noses required.

Street Jazz – Street Jazz is softer than hip-hop but not as formal as traditional jazz ballet classes. This fresh approach can be seen in popular music videos by the likes of Beyonce or Justin Timberlake. This class incorporates kicks, jumps, turns and spins, to the beats of all the latest pop music.

Hip Hop Fitness and Groove – This class encourages happy minds and bodies. It’s a fun and enjoyable way of keeping active. Students gain all the benefits of being physical without the competitive nature that can be associated with some other extra-curricular activities. It’s all about getting moving and having a bunch of fun while you do it. Kind of like disguising extra veggies their dinner 🙂

You can sign up here to these great new classes along with our other Hip Hop, breakdancing, and Acrobatical classes that we already have to offer!

From your StreetTread Team,

Michelle, Rachel, and ShaniShaniCircus