How to register for a class – it’s easy

Once you know what class you want it’s easy to register. Follow these simple steps! 

  1. Choose a class or classes from our timetable here or pick the Unlimited Classes option.
  2. Create a new account in our online system here – Studio-Pro student login Street Tread
  3. Add your details
  4. Click on the Account tab and then student.
  5. Click on the button to add a student and their details (name and date of birth).
  6. Click on Account and Register for class. Choose the class/es in the list

Our pricing is charged per school term

Our class prices are pleasantly surprising. The classes are charged for per term not dependant on weeks. Each term StreetTread will create something different for the students to participate in. Term 4 we have an End of Year performance.

Prices range between $140 per term for a 40minute class, $170 per term for a 60minute class up to @220 for a 180minute class per term. Some special classes are charged at a different rate, for example our Competition Crew.

A registration fee of $10 (per family) is applied upon registering for the first time.

For multiple classes discounts will be applied which is dependant on the number of classes. *Conditions apply

We also have an UNLIMITED CLASS package. Check out the details below.

*Discount may vary dependant on the class and time of registration
*Fees are due within 2 weeks.  Late fees may apply  thereafter

Unlimited Classes

Time to maximize your dance fun and skills at StreetTread! With our unlimited class package you can dance as often as you like, in any class and style that suits your skill level! Watch your strength, fitness, coordination and confidence grow with this package.

Unlimited package is $525 per term and does not include private lessons.

Students who audition and that are part of the Performance Crew and/or Competitive Acrobatic classes will have some fees attached to this unlimited package to cover uniforms, costumes, and competition entry fees.

Policies, Terms and Agreements

*PLEASE NOTE that we operate according to the set Queensland school term dates and that the number of weeks per term can vary from term to term and for End of Year Performance requirements.

We expect payment of fees within 2 weeks of invoicing. Late fees may apply thereafter.

Parents and guardians are permitted during drop off and collection times only and are not permitted to view the classes. This is for the safety of our students and to reduce distractions. We schedule a week each term where parents and guardians can come and view what students have learnt.

Parents are responsible for their children before and after class and for small children (ie under 11) parents are required to remain with their child until class starts and be present either in the carpark or inside when class finishes.

We have your emergency contact details in case there is a reason to call. Please ensure you update you details in our online system if they change – Studio-Pro login Street Tread

Students must stay within the studio grounds for the duration of their class.

Class numbers are limited so that every student gets the focus and attention they need to help them to learn and grow.

There are no refunds or credits for missed classes. Students who miss a class can access any other class that StreetTread have in their timetable for a make up class. This must be communicated to StreetTread so we can add your child as a drop-in to the class chosen.

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