Classes at StreetTread

StreetTread has a great variety of unique street dance and performance art classes. We have classes for boys and girls as young as 18 months, because it’s never too early to enjoy dancing. From hip hop to circus, our classes are individually tailored to suit their age group and we are learning new and exciting things every week.

No formal exams, eisteddfods or extended concert schedules; we’re here to have a great time, all the time.

Check out all the class styles below and view our term timetable for class times and locations.

 Our classes

Acrobatical dance classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Acrobatical Dance
Acrobatical Dance classes at StreetTread are inspired by the likes of Cirque du Soleil and the movie Bring It On.
Breakdance classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Breakdance is a great class for building strength and confidence while learning the latest tricks. 
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Circus classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Circus class builds strength, balance and flexibility with the use of hula hoops, ribbons and balls.
Cheerleading –
Ready? Ok!

Cheerleading is an energetic class with tumbling, jumping, stunting and pompoms.
Hip hop and Groove classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Hip hop and Groove & Beyonce girly style! 
Hip hop and Groove blends breakdance with street jazz, urban groove, and just a little bit of popping and locking. Join the Beyonce classes for some girly style hip hop moves! 
Hip hop, Fitness and Groove classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Dance & Acro Fitness – Build your skills
Get on top of your core dance and Acro skills with this fun Fitness class. A great add on class to your dance styles.
Street Jazz classes at StreetTread Dance Studio
Street Jazz
Street Jazz is softer than hip hop but not as formal as traditional jazz ballet with kicks, jumps, turns and spins.
Performance Crew at StreetTread Dance Studio
Performance Crew
StreetTread’s Performance Crew classes give students a chance to perform live at local community events.
Private lessons at StreetTread Dance Studio Private lessons Keen for some one-on-one lessons?Email dance@streettread.com for more information about our private lessons.